Concepts And Projects

What Do We Offer?

At Aircono, we offer a range of interior design services for various establishments, including shops, supermarkets, cafes, gas stations, public utility spaces, and offices. With a team of specialists boasting extensive industry experience, we deliver comprehensive projects tailored to the unique needs of our clients. Additionally, we provide individual services, catering to specific requirements. Our expertise extends beyond designing new spaces, as we also undertake modernisation projects for existing arrangements, offer furniture design services, and construct storefronts. Whatever the type of space, we provide innovative and creative ideas to enhance its ambiance and functionality.

Stage 1

Stage 1

Discussion Of Investment

During the initial stage of the investment process, an Aircono designer arranges a meeting with the investor at the property where the planned work will be conducted. This meeting serves to establish key aspects of the project, including:

Investor’s expectations
Designer’s suggestions
Measurement of rooms
Project budget
Deadline for completion

After the meeting, the investor receives a project proposal that includes the proposed scope of services, their price, and an approximate deadline for completion.

Stage 2

Functional 2D Floor Plan

After accepting the proposal and paying the deposit, the designer starts working on creating a functional 2D floor plan of the property. The floor plan includes the following elements:

Plan of reconstruction of partition walls (if necessary).

Determination of areas for work organisation.

Description of the project regarding hygiene-sanitary requirements (HACCP)/opinion of the Sanitary and Epidemiological Station expert.

Functional layout of furniture and equipment.

The 2D floor plan serves as a crucial blueprint for the entire project, providing a visual representation of the proposed layout and guiding the subsequent stages of interior design and implementation.

Stage 2
Stage 3

Stage 3

Mood Board

Once the functional floor plan is approved, it’s time to address the aesthetic aspects. To clarify the investor’s taste and requirements, the designer prepares mood boards – inspirational boards that set the direction for creating the visual layer of the space. Based on feedback from the investor on the mood boards, the designer selects a style, colour scheme, furniture, and decorative elements that meet the investor’s aesthetic requirements and align with current global design trends.

Stage 4

3D Visualisation

Based on the information obtained in the previous stage, the designer prepares a 3D visualisation of the property, showcasing the planned interior design of the space. Our experts create photorealistic visualisations that depict the selection of colours, materials, and interior finishing elements, ensuring an exceptionally accurate interior design presentation.

Stage 4
Stage 5

Stage 5

Delivery Of Materials

The final stage concludes the process of designing the premises, and it involves delivering materials, drawings, and lists to the investor. These documents contain comprehensive guidelines for the technical team to execute the construction and interior finishing. The materials include plans for the premises, specifying electrical connections, power requirements, drains, and the store’s lighting design, including the selection of luminaires and colours of light, among other details. Once this stage is completed, the project is financially settled.

What’s Next?

The stage of designing the premises has been successfully completed, and it is now time to put the designed solutions into action. This implementation phase involves several crucial tasks, such as finishing the premises by the technical team, ordering, transporting, and assembling furniture and equipment, including refrigeration, connecting cash registers and IT systems, taking care of the external storefront and signs, marketing the facility, and stocking the store according to merchandising principles. This process typically requires a considerable amount of time, intense involvement, coordination, and supervision from the investor.

At Aircono, we understand the challenges that may arise during this stage, and we are here to support investors throughout the entire process. With our long-standing relationships with verified, leading manufacturers of furniture, equipment, refrigeration, lighting, accessories, IT systems, and more, along with our experience from implementing over 200 stores, we can anticipate potential problems and prevent them proactively. Our goal is to efficiently and professionally supervise the implementation of the premises project, offering our contacts, support, and knowledge to ensure a smooth and successful execution.
We invite you to explore the rest of our comprehensive offer, as we are committed to providing top-notch services that cater to your specific needs and requirements.