Sales Counter Type – II


  • Line Type - 2
  • Line Type - 2
  • Line Type - 2

A counter that will work perfectly in increasingly popular self-service stores. Furniture perfectly profiled for any form of display, finished with aesthetic and durable stainless steel. Elevated impulse shelves provide space for the seller to hide the monitor/cash register, while providing an attractive display of goods.


Straight Counter:

  • Body based on furniture board
  • HPL laminate top, with increased durability
  • Counters also available with a recess for shopping baskets and a niche for product display, surface finish with stainless steel
  • External and internal corner also available upon request
  • Possibility of preparing holes for weighing scanners, cash drawers and other accessories

Counter With Impulse Shelves:

  • Body based on furniture board
  • Metal impulse structure with shelves suspended in perforation, plexiglass shelf limits
  • Impulse available in high version – width 65 cm and low version – width 95 cm
  • Finished with furniture board sides


  • The presented configurations should be treated as illustrative, for further information on the possibility of combining selected solutions, please contact a company representative
  • Possibility of ordering with a stainless steel top
  • In our standard offer, we have customer shelves made of furniture board, metal, wood and stainless steel pipes