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At Aircono, we specialise not only in designing commercial spaces, but also in their construction, equipment, and sales and marketing concepts. Our technical team can build a space from scratch or renovate an existing one. As part of our services, we offer the Design & Build model, which provides many benefits to investors.

we operate on the design & build model

We Operate On The Design & Build Model

The Design & Build model is a growing method in the commercial design and construction industry that emphasizes three main benefits: time savings, cost savings, and responsibility. It involves building a common platform for all parties involved in the project, with coordination provided by one company. The goal is to comprehensively manage the entire investment process and reduce investment risk at every stage of execution.

Cost Savings

Choosing Aircono to oversee the investment results in significant cost savings for the investor due to our experience and comprehensive investment planning. As a company executing multiple projects in parallel, we have better negotiating positions and contacts with producers and distributors, resulting in better purchasing conditions for materials.

Our cost estimates built on the Design & Build model are much more detailed and tailored to the project than several estimates from individual contractors. A professional estimate may appear more expensive, but it often ends up being the cheapest because it includes all costs. This is an important consideration, as most individual investors usually underestimate investment costs, which can end up being two to three times more expensive.

Cost savings
time savings

Time Savings

Managing construction, timelines, contractors, and quality control on many fronts can be time-consuming. Entrusting these tasks to Aircono saves time for the investor and provides assurance that every aspect will be professionally executed, thanks to our years of experience.

Additionally, cooperation with Aircono speeds up the investment process. Thanks to our experience and long-term relationships with experienced entities, we can plan optimal logistics, production, and work of execution teams to avoid or minimise any delays in investment execution.

Full Responsibility

Undertaking an investment project independently often involves signing several contracts with many entities (architect, contractors, etc.), which can also result in shared responsibility – each entity is responsible for a different aspect. In the event of problems, responsibility can be shifted and enforcing it can be difficult or even impossible.

In contrast, signing one contract for the entire investment with Aircono means that we are responsible for all aspects of the project, and the investor only needs to enforce the contract with one entity, which bears full responsibility for all details in the contract.

full responsibility
individual services

Individual Services

Not every investment or investor requires cooperation in the Design & Build model, so we are flexible and provide our clients with services tailored to their needs. Each of our services can be executed individually, depending on the investor’s requirements.

We can only prepare a design for the commercial space, execute furniture based on the client’s design, or provide technology and equipment for the space. However, we approach each project, big or small, with the same meticulousness and commitment.

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We will comprehensively manage your investment process from A to Z, providing the highest quality services backed by the execution of over 200 commercial spaces in UK and Europe. You can also take advantage of our individual services – designing a commercial space, equipping a store, or technical, sales, and marketing consulting.