Vegetable Island Type – I


  • Vegetable Island Type -1
  • Vegetable Island Type -1
  • Vegetable Island Type -1

A vegetable island combining the strength and solidity of a metal structure with the finish of high-quality natural wood and stainless steel. One module of the island allows for simultaneous display of 6 boxes of 60x40cm. When combined with other furniture, it creates an impression of a garden full of fresh fruits and vegetables. A waste tray suspended under the grate ensures cleanliness in the store space.



  • A 120cm metal gondola with a grate filled with beech slats, mounted at a 20-degree angle
  • A wooden grate adapted to 6 boxes of 60x40cm
  • An additional railing for price tags
  • Designed to be assembled in rows, both one-sided and with a display on two sides
  • Equipped with a waste tray


  • A dedicated base for a scale and a handle for tear-off bags are available in the offer
  • Possibility of ordering with a set of beech boxes