Vegetable Island Type – II


  • Vegetable Island Type -2
  • Vegetable Island Type -2
  • Vegetable Island Type -2

A lightweight vegetable island on wheels is the perfect solution for customers looking for mobile displays. By introducing a grate with an adjustable angle of inclination, we increase the possibility of adjusting the display to the product, influencing its attractive appearance and thus, effective sales.


  • A 125 cm metal gondola, mobile on wheels
  • A beech wood grate divided into two parts: a front mobile part and a rear fixed part for boxes
  • A front grate with a depth of 60cm, placed horizontally or at a 20-degree angle on a metal structure
  • A rear fixed grate with a depth of 40 cm
  • Total load capacity of one module: 5 boxes of 60×40 cm
  • An additional railing for price tags
  • Designed to be assembled in rows, both one-sided and with a display on two sides


  • A dedicated side panel made of furniture board to close the row
  • A top module with a width of 105cm is also available
  • Possibility of ordering with a set of beech boxes