Alcohol Shelf Type – II


  • Alcohol Shelf Type - 2
  • Alcohol Shelf Type - 2
  • Alcohol Shelf Type - 2

A combination of a classic shelf model complemented with a suitable photographic addition. Illuminated banners with graphics effectively distinguish the stand in the store’s space, making it easier for customers to find the desired product.


  • Shelf with a metal structure and a front beam finished with a strip made of furniture board or MDF
  • Shelf back made of metal or furniture board
  • Top finish in the form of a banner with LED-backlit graphics
  • Possibility to choose the type of graphics for the product
  • Option to add additional LED lighting attached to the vertical front post
  • Aircono system metal shelves
  • Front limiters to choose from: wire, glass, or plexiglass


  • A furniture board side is recommended for the end of the row