Alcohol Shelf Type – III


  • Alcohol Shelf Type - 3
  • Alcohol Shelf Type - 3
  • Alcohol Shelf Type - 3

A proposal for a liquor shelf created based on the reliable solutions of the Aircono system. The use of illuminated symbols creates an elegant form of visual communication with the customer. In order to ensure the comfort of the buyer, we have created a series of banners not only for liquor stores, but also for bakeries, pastry shops, and vegetable stands.


  • Wall-mounted shelf with a metal Aircono system construction
  • Front limits available in wire, glass or plexiglass
  • Back of the shelf made of metal or furniture board
  • Upper crowning in the form of an illuminated banner suspended in perforation of the column
  • Banner made of metal with laser-burned symbols (options include bread, pastry, vegetables, wine, alcohol)
  • Additional mounting for LED lighting in a metal profile is provided at the bottom of the banner (illuminating the highest level of exposure)


  • Recommended furniture board side for the end of the aisle
  • Possibility of adding additional LED lighting under each shelf level