AVO Pastry Display Case

  • AVO Pastry Display Case
  • AVO Pastry Display Case
  • AVO Pastry Display Case

By combining efficient use of space, good product display, and the ability to combine the Avo confectionery display with a bakery counter, the customer receives a set of furniture that allows for perfect presentation of confectionery and bakery products with exceptional appearance of the devices.


  • Two or three-shelf versions available
  • Devices suitable for individual customization
  • Possibility of connecting in sequences
  • Tilting front glass
  • Granite countertop at a height of 2 display shelves (the same height as in the bakery counter allows for seamless connection of devices in a sequence)
  • Lower shelf is extendable
  • LED lighting 2650k cri above 90%
  • Innovative NO SMELL system preventing odours from mixing