Bakery Shelf Type – IV


  • Bakery Shelf Type - 4
  • Bakery Shelf Type - 4
  • Bakery Shelf Type - 4

The bakery shelf with wooden shelves is a perfect combination of high-quality natural materials and modern style. It is an ideal proposal for customers who value attractive display of their baked goods. The arrangement of shelves adapted to the size of pastry trays, baskets for rolls, and baskets for baguettes in a single line of shelves provides the possibility of displaying any type of baked goods.



  • The base for the basket is a cabinet with a drawer – additional storage space.
  • The basket is made of metal construction filled with a grate made of natural beech slats.
  • The front and partition of the basket are made of glass.
  • The wooden grate can be set at an angle or flat, depending on the necessary loading space.
  • The basket is equipped with a drawer for crumbs.


  • Metal frame suspended in a perforated column, possibility of setting the shelf horizontally or at an angle of 15 degrees.
  • A grate made of beech slats placed on a metal grate.
  • Under each shelf, there are mounting points for LED lighting in an aluminium profile.
  • Partitions made of a rod with the possibility of fastening at any point.


  • Possibility to resign from the cabinet, the basket for rolls can be mounted in a perforated column.
  • A basket for baguettes is also available for the 600 mm module.