Metal Shelving Unit Type – I


  • Metal Shelving Unit Type-1
  • Metal Shelving Unit Type-1

Shelving unit with shelves in a “U” bend is a basic product from MULTENEO company’s standard collection. Through a wide range of matched accessories, it serves as a base for many industry solutions.


  • The item is a metal shelving unit based on a wall-mounted welded post, available in various height, width, and depth options.

  • The basic column profiles used are 80×40 mm and 60×30 mm.
  • The column is perforated at a 50 mm pitch, and the shelves of the MULTENEO system are bent in a “U” shape, suspended on single-sided hooks in the column perforation, either in a horizontal position or at a 15-degree angle.
  • The shelves are available in the standard version, with the option of one or two reinforcements.
  • As for the frontal limiters, there are choices available, including wire, glass, or plexiglass options.


  • A system enabling the installation of a fiscal printer, a POS monitor, and a flip-top cash drawer.
  • It includes a customer shelf – the version of the design can be chosen.