Metal Shelving Unit Type – II


  • Metal Shelving Unit Type -2
  • Metal Shelving Unit Type -2
  • Metal Shelving Unit Type -2

The metal shelving unit with straight folded shelves is a basic product from the standard collection of Aircono. With a wide range of matching accessories, it provides a basis for many industry solutions.


  • Metal frame shelving unit based on a welded wall-mounted column, available in many height/width/depth variants
  • Basic cross-sections of columns used: 80×40 mm and 60×30 mm
  • Perforated columns with a 50 mm pitch
  • Back panels of the shelving unit made of metal or furniture board
  • Aircono system metal shelves with straight folded shelves suspended on single-sided hooks in perforation of the column
  • In a horizontal position or at an angle of 15 degrees
  • Front wire limiters